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Logo Firefox

First of all we must download the Firefox installation file from its official page. We will execute the downloaded file. Windows security will ask us about the permissions of the application. We must indicate “Yes”, to proceed with the installation. . The installation process will be done automatically. Finally the Firefox browser will open and […]

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Servidores correo

GMAIL IMAP Server name: imap.gmail.com Port: 993 SSL: SSL/TLS POP Server name: pop.gmail.com Port: 995 SSL: SSL/TLS SMTP Server name: smtp.gmail.com Gmail has 2 types of security in the output connection that we can use: SSL: SSL Port: 465 TLS/STARTTLS Port: 587 YAHOO IMAP Server name: imap.mail.yahoo.com Port: 993 SSL: SSL/TLS POP Server name: pop.mail.yahoo.com […]

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