Creating a web project can be very complicated for non-expert users in the field of computer science, however thanks to tools such as WordPress, we can now create our own web projects in a simple way without having to assume big costs.

In order to install WordPress we first need to download WordPress. We will do this from the official WordPress website. Once downloaded, we will decompress it.


To decompress the downloaded WordPress file we can use the windows decompressor. To do this, just click on the file with the right mouse button and click on “Extract all …”. We will ask for the address where we want to extract the content and press “Extract”.

Descomprimir fichero


In linux we can extract the file in two ways:

  • Console:
    • unzip
  • Desktop:
    • we will press with the right button of the mouse on the compressed file and we will click in “Extract here”.

In either case we will have a folder called wordpress that will contain all the files of our WordPress web page editor.

Lista ficheros WordPress

Now that we have the WordPress files inside a folder, it’s time to upload them to our hosting / server. For this we will use the Filezilla FTP client.

In order to continue with the installation of WordPress we must have installed a database, where all the entries, pages and configurations of WordPress will be saved. From the control panel of our hosting we can create a new database. This process will depend on the type of panel of your hosting. If you have problems to create your database we recommend you contact your hosting or if you prefer you can also contact us through the contact page or online support so we can help you create it.

Once created, we can continue with the installation of WordPress. For this we will open a web browser, such as firefox, and we will put our domain in the navigation bar. The WordPress configuration screen should appear.

Instalacion WordPress

Press the “Let’s go to it” button to start the configuration.

Instalacion WordPress

We will introduce the values that you request. By default we will leave the value “Table prefix” as it appears, “wp_”. Once entered, click on “Send”. This will configure the WordPress database.

Instalacion de WordPress

In the next step we will configure some WordPress options, so we will press “Execute the installation”. On the next screen we will introduce the values that are requested:

  • Title of the site: Title of our web project.
  • Username: User used to access the WordPress desktop. This user will be an administrator.
  • Password: The user password must be strong so that we have our WordPress desktop protected. We recommend entering a new password and pointing it.
  • Your email: email used to contact you from WordPress.
  • Visibility in search engines: If we check this box our website will not be indexed in search engines like google. Although we can modify it later, we recommend not checking this box.

Instalacion de WordPress

To finish, click on the “Install WordPress” button.

Instalacion de WordPress

Now we can access our WordPress desktop by pressing the “Access” button.

To start our WordPress desktop the following times we must enter in the address bar of our browser the address of our domain followed by “/ wp-admin”.

Instalacion de WordPress

Simply enter the username, password and press the “Access” button.

WordPress Desktop

Instalacion WordPress

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