This tool allows us to connect to a remote computer and modify the files that are in it, either upload, delete or modify files and folders.

First of all we have to download the Filezilla FTP client from its official page.

FTP Filezilla Client Installation


We must double click on the downloaded file to start the installation. Once executed windows will request permission to execute the installation.

Imagen Instalación Filezilla


We must give permission for changes to be made in our system.


Instalación Filezilla


Now we must accept the conditions of use of Filezilla.



Instalación Filezilla


The next step is to indicate which users can use Filezilla, by default they can use it all.



Instalación Filezilla


Indicate which components will be installed.



Instalación Filezilla


We will indicate the folder where we want to install Filezilla.



Instalación Filezilla


We can now indicate where the shortcut will appear in the windows start menu.



Instalación Filezilla


We may be asked to install some additional software. We recommend unchecking the box so that no additional software is installed.



Instalación Filezilla


Finally, the installation will be carried out and just press the “Finish” button.



Instalación Filezilla


The installation of Filezilla in Linux can be done in several ways.

Installation with Package Manager

  • We will open a terminal
  • Deb packages: for Debian / Ubuntu / Linux Mint distributions
    • apt-get install filezilla
  • Rpm packages: for distributions SUSE, RedHat, CentOS, Fedora
    • yum install filezilla

Installation from compressed file

  • We will open a terminal
  • We will place in the folder where we want to save the program files
    • cd /opt
  • Unzip the file
    • tar jxvf filezilla-xx.tar.bz2

You can find more information and support about Filezilla on its support page and on our Youtube Infofly channel.

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